Towards Zero Accidents in Thoppur Ghat Section

Towards Zero Accidents in Thoppur Ghat Section

Initially we presented our initial report on "Road Accidents in Thoppur" in the presence of DSP- Thoppur, Inspector of police, RTO, Deputy Transport Commissioner, Officials of RTO , L & T Toll Management Officials . It was a great time discussing the pattern existed in the ten years accident in the Thoopur Ghat Section, Factors influencing road accidents, Preventive Measures etc. Based on their requirements, the final report was redrafted and the same.

The Review Report titled ???Towards Zero Accidents At Thoppur Ghat Section??? was presented to the District Collector, Tmt.D.Divyadharshini on the pattern existed in the 10-years accidents data. Extremely elated when we received appreciation from the District Collector as ???an impressive work???. the session ended up with some good constructive proposals to control the accidents in the Thoppur Ghat Section. Hope to see some good changes in the future. Happy to give back to the Society and Governance in the smallest way possible.

Some key focal points are :

  • 473 accidents occurred in 3KM distance of thoppur ghat section road.
  • 1 in 4 injuries causes death
  • Weekends causes more accidents which may be due to high intensity of vehicles, drunk and drive cases etc.,
  • Accident may be due to someone???s negligence the someone in the statement doesn???t always means the driver. Hence a separate lane for 2-wheelers may have a control over accidents.
  • High penalty can be imposed specially for accident prone zones
  • Studies show that vehicles with high centre of gravity roll over more easily.
  • Since it was found that 30% of accidents happen in the full moon /new moon day the effect of gravitational force in that accident region can be reviewed by an expert. An alternative path way can also be identified if the effect of force is proved.
  • A poorly constructed road could be the cause or a bad maintenance might throw off a vehicle???s center of gravity (Uneven roads or with sharp immediate bends).
  • If the car was previously handled by a mechanic we can look for errors there as well. If a repair have gone wrong the mechanic shop, that can be verified with a follow up. This can be tested on vehicles meeting repeated accidents in short duration.

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