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CENTRE FOR RESEARCH (Recognized by Anna University,Chennai)

Department of Management Studies is recognized as a Centre for Research by Anna University, Chennai


  • The center for research and publication in business management will be leading academic organization dedicated to advancing, applying and facilitating high standards of corporate and social research practice for wide variety of audience across the academic community, corporate and national arenas.


  • The Centre is committed to enhance management and social research support to scholars, corporate and public agencies for research, publications and consultancy works.


  • To publish the journal Sona Global Management Review (GMR) on a Bi annual Basis.
  • To make all faculty members to publish two articles every year in Scopus indexed journals.
  • To make five students to publish research article every year.
  • To involve in a consultancy work for industry and/or government agency every year.
  • To conduct a workshop every year for equipping scholars in research methods and data analysis.
Sl.No Name of the research Supervisors
1. Dr.P.K.Anjani
2. Dr.P.Praba Devi
3. Dr.V.P.Rameshkumaar


Status No.of  Ph.D Scholars
Ph.D Awarded 0
Thesis submitted 0
Pursuing 9


S.No Faculty name Citations H index 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 TOTAL
(Faculty wise)
1 Dr. Swarup K. Mohanty 18 2 2+1* 1 1 - 4+1*
2 Dr. M. Selvaraj 121 6 2 1+2* - - 3+2*
3 Dr.P.K.Anjani 23 2   1   1 2
4 Dr.P.Praba Devi 10 2 1     1* 1+1*
5 Dr. D. Immanuel     2 1+1*     3+1*
6 Prof. A.Velsamy 1 1 1 2 1 1 5
7 Dr.N.Nithya 3 1 1 2   4+2* 7+2*
8 Dr.P.Kamalakannan     2 1   1 4
9 Dr.V.P.RameshKumaar     2 2 -   4
10 Dr.D.Ganesan 1 1 1 2 1   4
11 Dr.S.Sathya Kala     1 1*   2 3+1*
12 Ms. Umaya Salma Shaajahan         1 1 2
13 Prof.R.Nithya     2 1   1 4
14 Prof.M.S.Kamalaveni     3 1 1   5
15 Prof.V.JothiFrancina       4 2 1 7
16 Prof. Vijay Krishnan .     1     1
17 Prof. Srinivasan       1     1
18 Prof.V.Sathish     1       1
 TOTAL (Year wise)     21+1* 21+4* 7 12+3* 61+8*=69



  • Signed MOU with SVYASA Deemed University, Bangalore in July 2016 for Collaborative Research

  • Signed MoU with Daffodil University, Bangladesh for Collaborative Research and Academic activities.


S.No Year Number of Books published
1 2018 2
2 2017 1
3 2016 2
4 2014 2

Our faculty have presented and published papers in various National/International conferences and Journals.

  • Dr. P.Praba Devi (21-Apr). Customers Perception towards Vending machines:: A Prelude and Social Media Marketing : A Review. Proceeding on Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation –SCOPUS, Volume 32, Issue 3.
  • Dr.D.Ganesan (21-Apr). An empirical study on efficacy of informercials on consumers' purchase intention on wellness products. Proceeding on Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation –SCOPUS, 32(2), 3453-3460.
  • Umaya Salma Shajahan (21-Apr). Working capital Management and its impact on Profitability of selected Pharmaceutical companies in India. Proceeding on Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation –SCOPUS, 32(3),4328-4337.
  • Dr. P.Praba Devi (Mar-21). Social Media Marketing : A Review and THE CASE OF WEWORK – RISE & FALL. Proceeding on Strad Research-WOS, Volume-8-Issue-3-2021. Impact factor 6.1.
  • Dr.D.Ganesan, (Mar-21). THE CASE OF WEWORK – RISE & FALL. Proceeding on International journal of multidisciplinary educational research, 10, 2(5), 127-132. Impact factor 6.514.
  • Jothi Francina, V. Vaishnavi.M , Revathi and Sathishkumar (Dec 2020). Consumer Attitude and Purchase Behavior of Natural and Wellness Food Product. Proceedings on International Virtual Conference on ASTMLS 2020, Sona College of Technology
  • Ganesan D., Jothi Francina, V. and Hariram (Dec 2020). A Study on Service Quality Effectiveness of Co-operative Bank towards Customers in Salem. Proceedings on International Virtual Conference on ASTMLS 2020, Sona College of Technology
  • Jothi Francina, V., Selvavinayagam, K. and Surya Vimal S.P (Nov 2020), Smart Logistics Employing Sensors and Embedded Logistics Systems Contentment, International Conference on Signals, Communication and Embedded Systems Global Technology Forum 2020 Proceedings, ISBN: 978937760-5-6, 111-115
  • Dr.S.Sathyakala (Nov-20). Investment Policy analysis of commercial bank in Nepal. Turkish Journal of Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation.
  • Dr.P.K.Anjani (Nov'20 ). “The impact of covid-19 on workforce in information technology sector”. European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine.
  • Umaya Salma Shajahan , Dr.S.Sathyakala (Nov-20). How Block Chain Technology Might Shape Financial Services. International Conference on Signals, Communication and Embedded.
  • Ganesan D., Jothi Francina, V. Rameshkumaar V.P and Shobika C (Sep 2020). The Role of CSR Accomplishments in India Towards Rural Empowerment. Proceedings on International E-Conference on Innovation in Rural Empowerment, Social Dynamics and Welfare in India ISBN: 9789 387748361, 72
  • Dr.V.P.Rameshkumaar (Sep-20). Subscribers of Indian Mobile Telecom: Satisfaction with Experience and Loyalty. International Journal of Management (IJM)- -SCOPUS, 11 (9).
  • Dr.P.K.Anjani (Sep-20). Students perception of online learning during COVID pandemic”. Wutan Huatan Jisuan Jishu- Refereed UGC Care Journal.
  • N.Nithya (Aug-20). Impact of Business Intelligence Adoption on the Performance of Banks: A Conceptual Framework. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing—SCOPUS. 4.594
  • Dr.D.Ganesan (Jul-20). A study on customer proclivity towards store brands during COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Critical Reviews—SCOPUS. Volume 7, Jan 2020. Issue 14. 1.091(2017)
  • Jothi Francina V, Rameshkumaar V.P. and Sathish V (July 2020), The Impact of Logistics Service Quality on Loyalty using satisfaction as a moderating variable: A study with Entrepreneurs, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology (IJAST), ISSN: 2207-6360, Scopus Indexed, 29(04), 6911-6920,

  • Dr.P.K.Anjani (May-20). A study on structural changes among bank employees- An empirical study with special reference to Salem District. International Journal of Management—SCOPUS, Volume 11 issue 5.
  • Jothi Francina, V., Rameshkumaar V.P. and Sathish V (May 2020), A Simulation Model for Overhauling of Packaging Material   in B2C E - Logistics, Journal of Xidian University, ISSN No:1001-2400, Scopus Indexed, UGC-CARE Approved Group 2 Journal 14(05), 4239-4246
  • Dr.M.S.Kamalaveni (Apr-20). Faculty in Private Engineering Colleges and Determinants of Satisfaction with Job. Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology—SCOPUS, Volume 11 issue 1-2.
  • Dr.P.Kamalakannan, Dr.S.Sathya Kala.( 20-Mar). A study on Pre and Post Demonetisation Impacts on Selected sectors (With reference to Indian stock market). International journal of Scientific and Technology Research—SCOPUS, Volume -9 Issue 3. 5.4
  • Dr.P.Praba Devi (20-Mar). Behavioural based safety practices at small manufacturing units Chennai. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering –SCOPUS, Volume 8 issue 6. 3.7.
  • Dr.N.Nithya (20-Mar). Factors Determining the Service. international journal of emerging Technology. Volume 11 issue 2
  • Jothi Francina, V., Padmanaban.G, Vijayanand.S, Irene Martina and Komal C (March 2020), Stress indicators in Professional teaching-perception and semantic interpretation, International journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), ISSN: 2277-3878, Scopus Indexed, 8(6), 3156-3161
  • Dr.P.Praba Devi (20-Feb). Bancassurance and its antecedents to customer buying intentions. AIP Conference Proceedings—SCOPUS, Volume number: 2207. 0.11.
  • Jothi Francina, V., and Harini G.K (Jan 2020), Content Marketing and Website Efficiency of Mallow Technologies Private Limited, ITIHAS The Journal of Indian Management (IJRTE), Newzen Research Publications ISSN (Online): 2456-7803, ISSN (Print): 2249-7803 8(4), 33-43
  • M.S.Kamalaveni (20-Jan). An Ethical Dilemma-Case study. International journal of Innovative Research in Management Studies (IJIRMS)- -SCOPUS, Volume 4 issue 8. 5.4
  • Dr.N.Nithya , Dr.V.P.Ramesh Kumar (Aug-19). International Journal of supply Chain Management. international journal of supply chain management—SCOPUS, volume 8/Issue 4/42-51.
  • Dr. D.Ganesan, Ms.Umaya Salma (Dec-19). Effectiveness of Surrogate Advertisements among Viewers. International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) –SCOPUS, Volume-9 Issue-2/4950-4957.
  • Dr.D.Ganesan(Dec-19).Customer Perception about Private Label Brands in Salem. International journal of Recent Technolgy and Engineering (IJRTE) –SCOPUS, Volume : 8
    Issue : 4S2 /963-967.

  • Ganesan D., Jothi Francina, V. and Rameshkumaar V.P (Feb 2019). Effectiveness of Corporate Responsibility Advertising messages of Automobile companies among Audience perception. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET), 10 (02), Scopus Indexed, Impact Factor (2016): 9.2286, 934-941



S.No Title of the Project Agency/ Scheme Grant (Rs.) Status
1 Preparation of Human Development Report for Salem District State Planning Commission of Tamilnadu Rs.3.0 lakh Completed
2 Preparation of Perspective Plan for Seven Backward Blocks of Salem District under SBGF State Planning Commission of Tamilnadu Rs.9.0 lakh Completed


S. No. Company details Student Projects
1  Farm Harvest A study on Market potential for popcorn vending machine
2 Play Factory Logistics and Warehousing
3 JSW Demand forecasting
4 Jana laxmi Vendor Analysis of unorganized retail sector
5 Zha consultancy Distribution channel structures
6 Professional Courier, Salem Field Analysis and Process Planning
7 Sri Jayaaishree Food Products ltd.,  A study on business model of coffee vending machine in Salem
8 Fibro Foods A Study on Marketing Strategy for Organic Food Products