Union Budget Quiz

The finals of a Quiz on the Union Budgets of India is set to take place on the 13th of March, 2024 at PG Auditorium conducted by Sona School of Business and Management. The prelims conducted online was witness to students battling intensely to secure a spot in the coveted finale. This quiz is aimed at creating awareness amidst the student community as to the importance of the Union Budget of India and it's impact on even the last mile citizen. Following the quiz, a paper presentation on the most significant Union Budgets of India will take place. The finals of this event will see 6 teams present their in depth analysis on a budget of their choice, picked from a topic pool provided by the judge. Mr. Arvind Rajeevsarathy will preside over both events as the judge and wishes to make these events a fruitful experience for everyone taking part. The winners are Harini, Infant Jerome, Kamalesh, Kamil Mohammed and Karthikeyan.

Day 1

Poster :